Putty and Filler Type

The amine accelerated products in this group are designed for car repair putty and marble adhesive formulations. Polipol 436-ABP has optimum hardness flexibility balance while Polipol 440-ABP has a relatively harder nature. It is possible to use these two resins seperately in formulations or to mix these two resins in any ratio and create a unique formulation for special needs. Polipol 4344-ABP is a good resin to use as an anchor material or putty for marble applications and its amine accelerator which is built-in to the polymer backbone provides faster curing times and longer shelf lives. 

Döküm Tipi Polipol 436-ABP is ideal for repair putty formulations because of its optimum hardness and flexibility balance.
  • Product Description
  • Technical Data Sheets
  • Safety Data Sheets
  • Chemical Structure
  • Available Modifications
  • Viscosity
  • Monomer Content
  • Gel Time
  • Remarks
  • Highlights
  • Primary Usages
  • Polipol 4344-ABP
  • Amine accelerated fast curing marble adhesive polyester
  • PDF
  • PDF
  • ORTO
  • 350-450
  • 36-40
  • 5-6
  • OT1 , OT19
  • - High reactivity
    - Fast curing
    - High filler acceptance
  • Artificial marble, anchorage or chemical bolting.
  • Polipol 436-ABP
  • Amine accelerated repair/ body filler (flexible) polyester
  • PDF
  • PDF
  • DCPD
  • 500-600
  • 32-35
  • 9-10
  • OT1 , OT19
  • - Flexible
    - Easy sanding
    - Long shelf life
    - Special DCPD structure
    - Amine accelerated
    - Good adhesion on galvanized sheet with proper formulation
  • Polyester repair putty.
  • Polipol 440-ABP
  • Amine accelerated repair/ body filler (hard) polyester
  • PDF
  • PDF
  • DCPD
  • 350-450
  • 33-37
  • 9-10
  • OT1 , OT19
  • - Rigid
    - Fast sanding time even at cold temperatures
    - Good adhesion on galvanized sheet with proper formulation
    - Special DCPD structure
    - Amine accelerated
  • Polyester repair putty, anchorage or chemical bolting, and marble adhesive.

Packing Types

You can choose any package type suitable for your production system or you can get further information from our sales department regarding container options.

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  • 25.000 kg
    ISO Tank Container
    Optional Steam heating line Optional Long term renting

  • 18 Kg

  • 20 Kg

  • 230 Kg

  • 230 Kg
    Recond. Barrel

  • 1.100 Kg

  • 1.100 Kg
    Recond. IBC

Modification Description

  • FR   Filled flame retardant
  • D*   Filled (*with filler content)
  • T Thixotropic (no sagging)
  • A Cobalt preaccelerated
  • ABP Amine preaccelerated
  • UV UV Curing
  • L   UV light stabilized
  •   I Lower viscosity
  •   V Higher viscosity
  •   LSE   LSE (low styrene emission)
  •   H* Gel time customized (at room temperature) * minutes
  • H40 Optimized for summer season. Gel time (at room temperature) 40 minutes.
  • H20 Optimized for winter season. Gel time (at room temperature) 20 minutes.
  •   COLOR   White or custom color options

Gelcoat Customizations
Polijel gelcoat table descriptions and modifications.

  • Spray Application (airless preferred)
  • Brush or Roller Application
  • Color Option: White colored
  • Color Option: Light colored (pastel)
  • Color Option: PRO colored

Production Quantity Depending on Process (parts/year)
Regardless of product dimension and complexity..

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