Digital Initiatives​

Digital Initiatives​

Digital Initiatives

Sustainable Digital Transformation

The efficiencies gained through digital automation and the expanded reach made available through digital services can help companies reach their sustainability goals faster. However, the way in which these digital solutions are built are just as important, to ensure new problems aren’t introduced.

Sustainable digital transformation is about doing the right thing by building the thing right. It involves thinking about the stakeholder impact of not only what you build, but how you build it. To be a responsible business, we must make use of tools and platforms to track the actual impacts of the digital solutions themselves.

Sustainable Digitalisation Fundamentally Rests on 3 Pillars

Sustainable B2B Digitalisation

Sustainable B2B digitalisation is a long-term process of symbiotic business-to-business relationships that result in non-digital companies becoming digital frontrunners. The companies which enable this process are often SMEs. We call them ‘digital enablers

Green(er) Technologies and a Circular Economy

Managing the life cycle of natural resources, from extraction through the design and manufacture of products, to what is considered as waste is essential to green growth and part of developing a resource-efficient, circular economy where nothing is wasted. Smarter design allowing products to be repaired, re-used, remanufactured and then recycled again should become the norm.

Technologies That Provide Innovation

Reducing carbon emissions and leveraging a circular economy is a key focus for developers of green technologies. As the climate crisis continues and the target years approach, our scientists and engineers are working together to contribute to the circular economy while introducing new solutions for energy storage and use.

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