Sustainability & Renewables​

Sustainability & Renewables​

Sustainability & Renewables

Renewable Energy and Environmental Sustainability

Prospects in Developing Economies is the first book of its kind to be dedicated entirely to the needs of emerging economies. It provides readers with a comprehensive review of current renewable energy technologies, their status in emerging economies, and the potential for sustainable renewable electricity generation in those countries. A multidisciplinary approach is used to assess the needs and challenges of each region, which is supported by quantitative analyses of the current and future potential for renewable electricity generation.

The 3 Biggest Benefits of Renewable Energy


Renewable energy generation does not pose risks for people or the environment, which is an advantage with respect to the doubts expressed over the safety of nuclear energy or the concern for pollution associated with fossil fuel use.

Alternative Energy

The first and most important benefit of using renewable energy is in its name – it is renewable. While fossil fuels will run out in 40-60 years, the sun will always shine, the wind will always blow, and the Earth will always have geothermal energy. If not, we will have bigger problems than running out of energy.

Benefits of Clean Energy

We can live, so we need to protect it as much as possible. Fossil fuels create greenhouse gases and pollutants. Using more fossil fuels means more harmful gases, which means more respiratory and cardiac health issues… and global warming.


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