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by Building a Sustainable Future

Making products more sustainable

Poliya has a broad product portfolio that is unique in terms of its variety. Our products ensure safe and sustainable mobility and control industrial plant and machinery efficiently and reliably.

As varied as our products are in detail, they share a common ethos: “Build for life.” True to this ethos, our products contribute toward achieving various Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. Read more in our sustainability report from page 35.

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Current Projects

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Recycled Materials

The collection and conversion process of waste materials into usable and new materials is called Recycling. It is one of the eco-friendly methods of solid waste management for a sustainable society instead of letting it go to landfills. Current disposal methods threaten our environment and health, but with sustainable recycling, we conserve natural resources and decrease the harm we cause to the world.

Digital Initiatives​

Within the scope of sustainability, we produce products that are compatible with climate change and aim to reduce emissions, and products that focus on energy and resource efficiency. We support technologies that contribute to a sustainable, green supply chain and produce products for waste and water management.

Sustainability & Renewables

Poliya manufactures its products in order to encourage its customers to emit less carbon in order to contribute to a “good environment”, one of the goals within the scope of its sustainability strategy, and to “Climate Action”, one of the sustainable development goals it serves.

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